Miter Box Saw

Power Miter Box Saw Safety Instructions

1. Proper eye protection must be worn when using the motorized miter box saw.
EXPLANATION: This protects the eyes from danger created by flying particles and accidental moves by others.

2. Get permission from the teacher each time before using the motorized miter box saw.
EXPLANATION: This creates order and keeps unqualified students from operating power tools.

3. Check to see that the guard is operational and in a downward position shielding blade.
EXPLANATION: Guard will shield hand or finger movement from the cutting action of the teeth.

4. The operator should never put his hands or fingers in the path of the rotating blade.
EXPLANATION: The most dangerous area of the machine is the teeth. Avoidance of this area will all but eliminate persona injury.

5. Material that is shorter than 4” and wider than 12” should not be used on the miter saw.
EXPLANATION: These sizes go beyond machines capacity and bring fingers dangerously close to the cutting action of the blade.

6. The operator should make sure the power cord is in a safety position and not in the likely path of others.
EXPLANATION: Power cords can provide shock and possibly a tripping hazard to others’ movements in the shop.

7. Brake should be applied before allowing saw blade to pull away from the cut.
EXPLANATION: This will avoid materials being thrown and causing injury.

8. Always hold the material to be cut firmly against the fence creating workpiece control.
EXPLANATION: The power of the saw blade can overcome the strongest of operators, throwing the workpiece or making a damaging cut.

9. After completing a cut you should release power trigger, apply brake, wait for the blade to completely stop, and then allow saw to rise above material that was cut.
EXPLANATION: Proper procedures in using break will maintain safety while reducing wait time at the machine.

10. The operator should check to be sure the miter saw is stable and base would not move during operation.
EXPLANATION: Multiple movement of a stationary tool beyond cutting actions are often too difficult to control and cause accidents.

11. Helping people who are in addition to the operator may be used to support long material if they have the teachers permission and have approved eye protection.
EXPLANATION: Teamwork on a power tool is safe if all members have a sure knowledge of what is expected from each other.