Assignment 7 :: Communication

Publishing Options for Assignments

There are several formatting options for posting
assignments and reflections on a page.

First, log in to your Google account. This activates the page editing mode of your Site.
Select and your preferred method:
  • enter text directly into the page, formatting a desired using the editing toolbar;
  • embed Google Documents or web media into the page through the Insert menu;
    any work done in the Document is updated
    immediately in the Site page; remember
    to share your Documents so visitors can view them.
  • upload documents as Attachments (located at the bottom of the page; activated in the Page Settings menu).

How to Embed Media and Google Documents

You can place media objects on a page (i.e., YouTube videos, calendars, maps, Google Docs, slideshows).

Follow along:
  1. Log in to your Google account and access your desired Site.
  2. Click Edit page to access the editing toolbar.
  3. Open the Insert menu and click to select a relevant type of media:
    Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms, Calendars, or Maps
  4. An Insert dialog box is revealed. Select a file, URL, pre-existing calendar, or map location. Click Select.
  5. A Properties dialog box then emerges. Adjust attributes to suit your needs and click Save.
  6. Now save the Site page and review the changes, or how the media is displayed on the page.
  7. Make adjustments as desired by entering the edit mode, selecting the object, clicking on the object's Properties, and making changes to the settings.
  8. Make sure the Document Sharing settings are appropriate for visitors to your eportfolio.
  9. Save.