College and Career Awareness

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Utah’s College and Career Awareness program provides junior high students with the direction, decision making, and planning needed in order to select their career path.
  • Self-knowledge
  • Education and occupation exploration
  • Career planning

Take Home Assignments

  • Disclosure
  • Extra credit Report(pdf)
  • Windows to the Workplace held periodically during Quest time. The counselors will have a handout that can be filled out during the pressintation and needs to be returned to Mr. Rencher
  • Students can stay after on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, until about 3:30 pm. and work on class projects. (One of these days will be for the Manufacturing class so make sure and check with Mr. Rencher to see if he is available when you want to stay.)

Artificial Arm

Job Shadow

Job Shadow day for Springville Junior High is scheduled for February 1, 2019.

Job Shadow Information 2019

Safety Test Study Links

Safety Test Links

Calender of CTE Introduction Events

1st Trimester
August 22-November 15
2nd Trimester
November 18-February 21
3rd Trimester
March 6-May 26
Aug 22nd—1st Trimester Begins
Aug 26th— 
Aug 28th—
Aug 29th—
Sept 4th—Labor Day (no school)
Sept 11th— 
Sept 18th
1/2 day of school (SDD)
Sept 21st—All work Due for Mid Term
Sept 22nd—Mid-Term
Sept 19th—Artificial Arm Introduction
Sept 20th—Parent Conference

Oct 19th-20th—Fall Break (no school)

Oct 13th—Artificial Arm Testing (due)
Oct 26th—All work Due for Term 1
Oct 27th—Last day of Term 1
Oct 25th

Oct 30th—First day of Term 2
Nov 6th

Nov 14th—All work due for Trimester 1
Nov 15th—1st Trimester Ends
Nov 16th—2nd Trimester Begins
Nov 22nd-24th—Thanksgiving Break
Nov 19
th—Safety Pretest
Nov 21st
Safety Test
Nov 22nd—Test Correction and begin Introduction assignments
Dec 3rd
Dec 17

Dec 18
—Christmas Break
—All work due for Term 2
Jan —Last Day of Term 2
—No School
—First Day of Term 3
Jan —Artificial Arm Introduction
Feb 1st—Job Shadow Day
Feb 6th—Artificial Arm Testing (Due)
Feb —Midterm
Feb —Presidents Day
Feb —Parent Conference
—All work due for Trimester 2
Feb —2nd Trimester Ends
March 6th—3rd Trimester Begins
March 6th—Safety Pretest
March 10th—Safety Test
March 1th—Test Correction and begin Introduction assignments
Mar 18th—All late work must be handed in for term 3
Mar 19th—Last day of Term 3
Mar 20th—No School
Mar 23rd
—First day of Term 4
Mar 27th
Artificial Arm Introduction
Apr 3rd-7thSpring Break
18th—Counselors Lesson
May 3rd—Artificial Arm Testing (due)

May 18thAll work due for the term

May 23th—Awards Assembly
May 19th
—Lagoon Day
May 26th—Last Day of School

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